Saturday, August 27, 2011


Thank God It's Friday [T.G.I.F] a follow up to my post, Weekends. Friday has an unique position in the week in that it has a foot in both the work week and the weekend.  It is in and of itself a reason for celebration.

The Turn Ends

I started, what was at the time, a temp job painting apartments July 26 and worked steady through August 19 without a day off.  During the two of the weeks of Turn I managed to earn 40 hours of overtime each week. Not that I am complaining my bank account and I are very happy.

As it turned out, no pun intended, I was offered a full-time position working in maintenance which I accepted. Ironically, my first day off was spent doing repairs on my daughter's house.

The Turn

Ironically, the evening I walked out of the call center I was offered a temp position painting apartments during turn. Turn is the period between July 31 when students move out and Aug 12 when they move in. Lawrence, Kansas is a university town where the ebb and flow of life revolves the academic year.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Summerfest - Black Keys, Florence + the Machine, and Cage the Elephant

I took a few days off from the Call Center in early July to see The Black Keys with special guests Florence + the Machine and Cage the Elephant at Summerfest in Milwaukee.   I left after work on Tuesday, July 6 and drove to Chicago to meet up with my son. 

Road laborers working on Wadsworth Road, Wadsworth, IL 1906.
What was suppose to be a  9 1/2 hour drive from Lawrence KS. to Chicago IL. ended up being a 11 hour drive due to road construction.  No complaints though the concert was well worth the drive. rated this show the best show of the festival.

Cage the elephant opened the evening's event. Unfortunately, I am unable to fine any video of their performance worth posting. Perhaps because it was their 3rd year at Summerfest. There are plenty of videos from their 2009 and 2010 performances. So here are a few of pics from Summerfest and a few of their official videos.

 Cage the Elephant: Shake Me Down

Cage the Elephant: Back Against the Wall

Florence and the Machine followed Cage the Elephant and brought the house down. She has an amazing voice. This was the last show of her American tour. The pics and videos are from Summerfest 2011

Florence and the Machine: Cosmic Love

Florence and the Machine closed her set and her American tour with Dog Days Are Over.

The Black Keys was the closing act and was simply amazing at the end of their set they came back to to a multi-song encore. They rock hard. The pics and videos are from Summerfest 2011.

 Black Keys Howlin for You

 Black Keys Tighten Up

 The Black Keys finished their set with I Got Mine

 The Black Keys closed the evening and their encore set with Your Touch

After the concert drove back to Chicago for a couple hours of sleep then took off in the morning for Lawrence.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

On the Dole Again

I'm on the dole again, well sort of.  I am unemployed again;
however, this time it was by choice and I am not receiving unemployment benefits, again by choice. Bottom-line, I wasn't interested working for a failing company. 

At least that was the situation I found myself in mid-late July when I first drafted this post. I have since landed into full-time employment.